Latest Updates on the Grand Theft Auto 5


Rockstar Games has released new patches for GTA 5 and GTA Online. Rockstar revealed that their security team has taken steps to catch players that are cheating in the online GTA 5 game. Rockstar planned to debut new game patches to reduce the chances of hackers using money hacks to generate unlimited amount money in the game. There is a gallery on the left that provides a few slideshows about how Rockstar is coping with hackers who use cheats to modify the game and generate unlimited money. Many hackers are sharing the in-game currency that they generate with other players. The downside is that the multiplayer mode now has lesser balance. Rockstar has applied a patch that will disable the lobbies. They have also released a 1.09 patch to prevent players from hacking the game in the future. Besides, they have also shut down the game server of the GTA 5 generator Online temporarily to get rid of cash obtained through cheats in the game. The Rockstar team is dedicated to stop hackers from destroying the gaming experiences of other players in the GTA 5 online game.

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