Grand Theft Auto 5 Patch, Money Hacks and Other Hacks

Grand Theft Auto 5 Patch, Money Hacks and Other Hacks

Rockstar Games has recently debuted a new patch for GTA 4. According to the latest GTA Base update on the 30th December, there is nothing that you need to download. The developer has added a patch onto the GTA 5 Online hacks  game. The new patch prevents cheaters from generating infinite money and reputation points in the online game. The online game become not so much fun because there are hackers hacking the game. Hackers have been reportedly donating millions of money gifts to other online players. With the release of the GTA 5 patch, they have also asked their game moderators to track down hackers that cheat in the GTA Online game. Players can use money to buy the DLC cash card, which can be used in turn to reload the in-game currency. One of the reasons they are catching hackers in the GTA Online is that they believe they are losing money since they won’t have to buy the optional packs. Many frustrated players have decided to stop playing the GTA Online because of the presence of hackers. Our gallery provide a number of screenshots from the GTA 5 online game. You can find the gallery on the left side of the article.

Amazing Facts You Don’t Know about Grand Theft Auto 5

Amazing Facts You Don’t Know about Grand Theft Auto 5

It has been a few years since the release of Grand Theft Auto V. Some readers may have already know that this article is about the recent release of the PC version of GTA 5. This is just what I am guessing. Rockstar Games has recently released the desktop version of the Grand Theft Auto V game even though there are many hackers using cheats to hack the online multiplayer game. Some players claimed that the new CD keys they purchase cannot be used to unlock the online game. As a result, they have to undergo the tiresome process of contacting the RockStar customer service department to get the valid CD keys. Grand Theft Auto V has an interesting storyline. The gameplay is nice. It is filled with various types of adventures. It is an addictive game that make you want to spend hours before the computer screen. At first, you may not find the online version as fun as you have hoped it might be. There are a lot of scenes in the game where people run around wildly. Seeing people running around on the street can be fun at first but you will eventually become bored at it as you would rather be achieving your game objectives. The in-game cities of GTA 5 are not well populated. You may experience lagging problem from time to time in the online version. This shows that they did not provide a good customer support from the beginning. The online version has already exist for a few years so they should have plenty of time to fix the issue. Many players are complaining to the game publisher about the online GTA V.  They offer lousy match making system, which can get error sometimes, and cause you to have to restart the city again. It won’t reload the last part of your game. The online GTA 5 hack tool offers five different heists missions. They could improve the game by unlocking all five heists to the players instead of only allowing them to complete them in order. The online game make clear distinguish between the weapons. Two powerful weapons in the game that are worth mentioning are Armor Kumas and harrier inspired jets. These two weapons can effectively annihilate your enemies.  Overall, GTA V is an enjoyable game. It is a fun game for all players who enjoy first person shooter games although

Latest Updates on the Grand Theft Auto 5


Rockstar Games has released new patches for GTA 5 and GTA Online. Rockstar revealed that their security team has taken steps to catch players that are cheating in the online GTA 5 game. Rockstar planned to debut new game patches to reduce the chances of hackers using money hacks to generate unlimited amount money in the game. There is a gallery on the left that provides a few slideshows about how Rockstar is coping with hackers who use cheats to modify the game and generate unlimited money. Many hackers are sharing the in-game currency that they generate with other players. The downside is that the multiplayer mode now has lesser balance. Rockstar has applied a patch that will disable the lobbies. They have also released a 1.09 patch to prevent players from hacking the game in the future. Besides, they have also shut down the game server of the GTA 5 generator Online temporarily to get rid of cash obtained through cheats in the game. The Rockstar team is dedicated to stop hackers from destroying the gaming experiences of other players in the GTA 5 online game.

The Map of Los Santos in GTA 5 Online Re-created in GTA 4

The Map of Los Santos in GTA 5 Online Re-created in GTA 4

Players will get a chance to see the new Los Santas city prior to the release of the Grand Theft Auto 5 game. DSOGaming published a report on the 25th January, that recounted how one player was able to re-create the map for the GTA 5 in GTA 4 by using the ICEnhancer Natural Tweak II mod. Both the re-created versions of GTA 4 and GTA 5 operate on the RAGE graphics engine. The only difference is that GTA 5 is designed with more advanced tools. This is why the lighting in the recreated version of GTA 5 cheats online do not look professional compared to the genuine version. Los Santas is an in-game city recreated after the real life city in Los Angeles, California. Players can roam around the large maps of the recreated GTA 4 and GTA 5 for both the single and multiplayer versions. Many game stores have notified fans that Rockstar will release the PC version of GTA 5 soon. The PC version will be similar to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstar Games Released the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of GTA 5 in the United States last year. You can visit the slideshow to the left to view the screeshots of the GTA 4 and GTA 5 mods.

Fan of GTA 5 Gave a Hint on Fixing the Money Hack Glitch in GTA 5 Online

There is now a new fix for players who received illicit in-game currencies from hackers in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. On the 24th December, Kotaku reported that players can prevent themselves from receiving the illicit in-game currency by resetting the game. Your gameplay in GTA Online will automatically be saved when you switch to the single player game. According to a fan, all you need to do to remove the illicit cash from your game is to reset it. Many honest players are worried that their accounts will be suspended as Rockstar moderators are now going through all the accounts and suspending those whom they suspected belonged to the hackers. Many hackers use hacked consoles to play the GTA 5 game because it gives them the ability to edit the cash payouts in the heist missions in Grand Theft Auto 5. There seemed to be no improvement on the money hacks problem even after they released the 1.08 patch. The 1.08 patch is supposed to prevent hackers from creating vehicle copies to sell them over and over again to make money. Rockstar Games told fans that their accounts won’t be banned if they did not intend to receive the illicit in game currency. Although their accounts won’t get banned, the illicit money in their accounts will be removed. You can visit the slideshow on the left to browse the screenshots of the Grand Theft Auto 5 Online.

A Non-Issue

A Non-Issue

Before this disappears down America’s short term memory hole, let’s have a look at something most of us didn’t notice last Tuesday. As we were settling back into our ordinary routine, fresh from the Labor Day weekend, Rick Davis, John McCain’s campaign manager, revealed a little secret.

“This election is not about issues,” said Davis. “This election is about a composite view of what people take away from these candidates.”

We can be certain their idea of a “composite view” will not be grounded in reality.

Yes, the public will be shown meticulously staged images of McCain and Palin. The media will be saturated with the commercially sculpted illusions of the Republicans’ competence, history, and above all, character. American voters will be lured into selecting their future leadership from their caricature more than from their character.


The war in Iraq is an issue.

The looting of our treasury is an issue.

The destruction of the Constitution and rule of law is an issue.

Energy independence is an issue.

Our jobs and healthcare are issues.

And the Republican’s message is WHAT?

This election is NOT about issues?

Only in Amerika.

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6 Responses to “A Non-Issue”

  1. Jim on September 12th, 2008 2:29 pm

    Welcome aboard Dave! You know as we discussed the Repugs are trying to frame the debate again and it is them lying and deflecting from the issues because they are weak on them.
    They fight back constantly trying to lie saying how maverick the ass hole McCain is while lying about Obama and his stance. I just heard Obama say he is going to get much tougher and he better.
    I just saw him called a liar on the view with that lying lipstick ad. He just said it was true and they left it alone. People better take him to the mat and prove he is a shit or we are screwed!

    Jims last blog post..If McPaling is stolen in as scheduled. It is a foregone conclusion and I have been saying it for too long, war with Russia is a given!

  2. Gee Carol on September 12th, 2008 6:15 pm

    Dave, welcome. I like your straight talk and good writing.
    Barack Obama has his hands full when he tries to focus on issues, when also needing to respond to lies, lies and more lies. It is like herding.

    Gee Carols last blog post..The past few days with candidate Obama –

  3. Big Fella on September 12th, 2008 9:45 pm

    Welcome to the merry band, Dave. You are correct, for the Republicans it is not about issues (except how to dodge them), it is about image. The old war horse and his lithe Barbie doll stooge will keep the evil, what ever that is, away from us all so we can continue shopping and bodies can keep falling in Iraq and Afghanistan, and if Johnny M. gets his wish, in Iran. Meantime the gears of the Disaster Capitalism Complex will continue grinding our country down.

    Big Fellas last blog post..It’s Official! Hillary, By Acclimation…

  4. fran on September 12th, 2008 10:48 pm

    Welcome aboard! Pay no attention to that list of items posted there— they need only talk about *taxes* & how they are against ‘em– like shootin’ fish in a barrel.
    Gets them every time.

    frans last blog post..$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  5. Dave Dubya on September 13th, 2008 7:40 pm

    Thank you, you’re all so kind.

    Dave Dubyas last blog post..A Non-Issue

  6. lostinspace on September 14th, 2008 10:06 am

    Been a fan of davedubya for few years now. He speaks my mind. The best ‘dubya’ in the country. I did see Obama in person when he came to the city near where I live during the primaries. I have to say if you heard soundbites on him talking on TV, then you heard his entire speech. I do believe, however, he is better for the country than the alternative. In fact, I have NEVER made money under the Repugnants – I always do well under the Demorats – so I will write here what I always say to others … I Vote My Pocketbook. This adminstration is crushing us out of existance. The 3% growth in GNP, I just heard, can be attributed to the stimulus checks. All other indicators were down down down.

    And speaking of the automotive makers wanted to develop a ‘more fuel efficient car’ – I was in Costa Rica and had the pleasure of taking a tour/trip to the Pacific Coast with 3 persons from England. They gasped when I told them my car got 17 miles a gallon in the city – which I thought was good for a luxery vehicle. Their cars got 40-50 mpg. But, when we compared the cost of a gallon of gas in Europe versus the cost in this country, the cost per mile was the same. I am opposed, therefore to fuel efficient vehicles as the cost of a gallon of gas will only increase to where we are paying the same price per mile of transportation. We need an ALTERNATIVE way to power our vehicles. I do not support the government investing our tax dollars in anything that will promote the use of oil and/or gasoline. We need to get on with our future and stop trying to develop a more efficient past.